About me

Well, after too long in corporate life, schlepping to London and back every day on the train, I decided there had to be more fun out there.  So I left work as a Project Manager and have moved to the Garden of England.

I’m now living the Archers dream down in the Shire, with far too much village Panto (oh no, you can’t have too much Panto), supporting the village shop (tabard reference is in homage to Susan of course), watching some of the cricket on the green, and drinking beer in the pub.

To keep me out of trouble I’m studying with the Royal Horticultural Society, getting a better grip on my greens and trying to be a better gardener.

All posts my own view, don’t try this at home, and of course the value of your house / investments can go up as well as down.  It’s just a bit of fun…